Unmanned Port Security Vessel

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CIMES researchers provide a rapid inspection capability in port environments via the Unmanned Port Security Vessel, which includes multiple integrated sensors such as high-resolution bathymetry sonars and chemical sensors as well as remote command and control for real-time operation and supervision. The UPSV is designed to support multiple missions including inspection of infrastructure above and below the water line, response and recovery of port operations in response to natural and man-made threats, and underwater change detection and threat assessment for piers, pilings and harbor seafloor. The vehicle is rapidly deployable and capable of being delivered by helicopter in order to respond to a disasters or threats within hours. Its line-of-sight remote command and control system allows operators to direct surveys from a safe distance while viewing data integrated using standard interfaces in real time. The UPSV is designed specifically to improve maritime domain awareness by quickly providing actionable information to federal, state and local first responders.

Dr. Brian S. Bingham
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